Welcome to Ocelot


Thanks for choosing us to support you on this wild journey. We’re so excited to start working with you! This is your onboarding hub, getting you prepped for everything coming up in the next few weeks and through your first year with us.

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Welcome to Ocelot!

Day 1

We start by squaring away all the admin & legal stuff.

  • You’ll fill out an onboarding form
  • We do ID checks
  • All the adminy stuff like HMRC Registration

Get these boxes ticked and you’re a fully fledged Ocelot. Now we can get to the good stuff faster.

Software set up & training

Week 1

Your first email will introduce you to some tech you’re going to love.

  • Xero set up
  • Dext app set up
  • We’ll send you some training videos

Now you know how to record your expenses easily, so you won’t overpay tax. Nailing this accounting stuff!

Our first proper call

Month 1

In this call we’ll have a casual chat on:

  • Guidance on tax and expenses for content creators
  • Income planning – what you’re trying to hit for the year
  • Goal setting – discussing where you are, where you want to be

YES – you’ve named the goals. Now we can build the systems to achieve them.

Coffee & catch-up call


In this call we’ll have a casual chat on:

  • How you’re settling in
  • Any questions you have from tech training
  • Anything we need to clarify and improve

Those lingering questions you had have been answered, and you’re feeling confident.

Data check-in

Month 6

We’ll make sure the numbers are looking good with:

  • A data health check
  • A free financial report
  • A software review

Your bookkeeping is all good and accurate. You’ve had a taste of what it’s like to monitor your performance.

End of year review call


Your year-end is coming up. We make sure we’re prepared and set our objectives for the new year.

  • Looking back: have we claimed all expenses? What is the estimated tax?
  • Looking forward: Setting objectives & reviewing the services you need.

You’re sorted for the year-end when it comes to the finances, and buzzing about the year to come!

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