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Why we rebranded and what it means for you

You may start to notice things looking a little different at Ocelot over the coming weeks. If you follow us on Instagram (@ocelotaccountning) you’ll have seen a few announcements trickling in recently too. There’s a lot going on in the background at HQ that we’re excited to share with you. ● We’ve moved our HQ […]

Capital Allowances 130% Superpower! Kapow! Invest Now or Later?

Earlier this year, you may have seen in the news – or online – talk of a new super duper 130% Capital Allowances deduction intended to accelerate investment by businesses. AKA the Capital Allowances Superpower! But unless you’re already claiming capital allowances tax relief, this might not mean much to you. But it really should. […]

Influencers: Are endorsable, sponsored or free gifts Taxable?

Influencers are often sent gifts, in order to promote a brand on their social media channels such as Instagram or YouTube. There are ongoing investigations by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which look into concerns that “social media stars might not be declaring when they’ve been paid or rewarded, to endorse goods or services”. […]

Is my OnlyFans income taxable?

Recent claims have shown content creators earning up to £30,000 per month through OnlyFans! It’s no surprise we’ve been asked a lot of questions surrounding if and how you should be paying tax on your income. We’ll cover everything in this blog post! 💪 Along with some common questions we get asked! What do I need […]

Twitch Earnings | When do I need to pay tax?

If you’ve just made Twitch Affiliate or Partner status, or have been receiving donations for a while, then you may need to pay tax on your earnings. We break down some of the key areas to consider, what actions you need to take, and how to deal with that pesky 30% withholding tax from Twitch! […]

When to Outsource Your Bookkeeping

So you’ve started your own business, and you’re investing as much time and resource into making it a success. But are you neglecting the day-to-day duties of keeping your finances in good condition? Maybe you should be looking to outsource the bookkeeping? For any startup, the key to keeping the dream alive is a realistic […]

5 Xero Apps for your Business

Xero Apps are now in the plenty, 700+ as of 2019! All apps are designed to integrate seamlessly into the Xero ecosystem, giving you the opportunity to create a fully customised hub for your business. But which apps are best for which business functions? Float – for Cash Flow Forecasting & Management Float is cash-flow forecasting […]