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To the outside world, streamers might well have the dream job: sharing your passion, interests, and personality around the globe. But we know the determination and effort that goes into your work. From balancing sponsorships and brand endorsements, donations and product sales, a streamer’s life is far from straightforward. And we haven’t even mentioned the time that goes into your content.

Well, with accounting for streamers, you can lessen that load.

Welcome to Ocelot – Accounting for Streamers

Do you stream on Twitch, Rumble, or Kick? YouTube or TikTok? Instagram, X, or Facebook? Whatever your platform, our experienced pros can help.

Whether managing your revenue streams, completing tax assessments, or optimising your business expenses, find out what our accountants for streamers can do for you:

• Manage multiple revenue streams

• Calculate tax expenses and self-assessments

• Advise on budgeting and costs

• Maximise taxable deductions

• Support with regulatory compliance

Do Streamers Pay Tax?

As with all sources of income, streamers have to pay taxes on the money they earn. That being said, the amount they need to pay can often vary.

In the UK, you’ll only need to pay tax on the income you earn above your tax-free allowance. That said, you’ll still need to submit a tax return for earned income if it’s over £1,000 per year. Either way, with a streamer’s income often coming from a mix of sponsorships, donations, and so on, it can be tricky to monitor your total earnings. This is where specialist accounting for streamers becomes invaluable.

At Ocelot, we can put all your revenue streams and finances together into one tidy, easy-to-understand package. We can also advise on which expenses you’re able to claim taxes back against. At the end, you can be assured that every last penny is accounted for, made the most of, and has gone to the right place.

Why Professional Streamers Need Accountants

Complex Revenue Streams

Tracking and management of all earnings, whether from endorsements, brand deals, donations, or more.

Tax Advisory Services

Comprehensive guidance on streaming taxes, helping you to remain compliant while optimising tax benefits.

Financial Planning

With changing income streams, an accountant for streamers can offer financial planning to safeguard your future.

Expense Optimisation

Identify which costs can be claimed as business expenses to maximise your tax savings

How To File Taxes As A Streamer

As a streamer, filing taxes in the UK often involves declaring your income with HMRC through a Self-Assessment tax return. Alternatively, depending on your circumstances, you might be better off in a Limited Company structure.

This means registering with HMRC and putting together a record of all your earned streaming income. You’ll also need to list out your expenses that can be claimed as business costs. For instance, this could include equipment or software subscriptions.

We know that you’re the experts in what you do. Well, we’re the experts in what we do! Given the complexities of tax laws and deductibles, you’ll want to speak to specialist accountants for streamers first. At Ocelot, we can ensure your tax assessment is filed correctly and that you’re taking advantage of every potential tax saving.

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