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The esports industry is exploding. What was once every player’s dream is now reality. But to earn serious income as a professional gamer, you have to beat the best. But how can you do that with the buzz of distractions and financial stress? Well, with specialist esports accountants and tax advisors, you don’t have to.

Ocelot – Accounting for Esports Players

At Ocelot, we understand the game. From FIFA to Rocket League, League of Legends to Fortnite, all that matters is the present moment – tuning into your zone and performing. We simply want to let you focus on getting on with what you do best.

Whether you need specialist advice, bookkeeping, or tax planning for your esports prize money, we remove the distractions and manage the finances on your behalf. Find out what Ocelot’s esports and gaming accountants can do for you.

• Maximise taxable deductions

• Expense management and budgets

• Tax planning for prize money and winnings

• Regulatory support and compliance

• Handle sponsorship and streaming revenue

How Are Esports Players Taxed?

Professional gamers pay taxes just like any other profession. How much they need to pay and when, however, can be complicated. Income for pro gamers tends to have multiple sources and the amounts can often vary from year to year. For instance, any income from sponsorships, streaming, endorsements, donations, and tournament winnings are all likely to be taxable.

When it comes to paying esports taxes, it’s the player’s responsibility to ensure they’re on top of all their finances and paying the correct amount to HMRC. Any errors can lead to fines, penalties, and further interest accruing on the amount owed. Overall, this can be more than a little daunting. But it doesn’t need to be. As professional accountants for esports and pro gamers, Ocelot can take away the stress and let you get back to playing.

Why Professional Gamers Need Accountants

Earnings Management

Tracking and management of all earnings, whether from tournament winnings, sponsorships, streaming, or more.

Tax Advisory Services

Detailed guidance on esports taxes, ensuring you stay compliant while optimising tax benefits.

Financial Planning

With varying incomes, suitable planning can safeguard your future to continue gaming in the long-term

Contractual Guidance

Navigate team contracts and sponsorships with our expert esports accounting advice.

Expense Optimisation

Differentiate between personal and business expenses for maximum tax benefits.

How Do Esports Taxes Work?

For many professional gamers, a main source of earnings comes from tournaments in which they compete as a member of an esports team. This brings up the question of whether this should be classified as self-employed income or employment income. Depending on the answer, this will also affect who is responsible for paying pro gamer taxes and national insurance.

When it comes down to it, the answer tends to vary from case to case. Playing within a team usually means a player has a professional contract, and the specifics and obligations within this contract will determine their responsibilities.

At Ocelot, our esports tax and financial advisory services can break down your contract and put it into clear, easy-to-understand terms. This ensures you know exactly what’s needed from you, and exactly what isn’t.

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