About Ocelot Accounting

We believe good accountants
should empower, not intimidate.

Content creators don’t always get the credit and respect they deserve.

Yet some of the world’s most profitable businesses started out as hobbies. We’ve seen side-hustles take our clients to big places.

You deserve to collab with accountants who are interested in what you do, and equipped to look out for your best interests in this industry.

Myth bust

A successful business owner can look like
a suited-and-booted corporate.

It can also look like:

A young person
An influencer
A modern media outlet
A creative way of doing business
Something new and individual

Success looks like…

We’re a small team

with a big heart

Our people

Our Director Max is an FMAAT licensed accountant with a love for the digital sector. He has been practising since 2012.

Georgia manages the admin and marketing aspects of the business. You can thank her for the welcome gift that arrives in the post!

Our philosophy

We’re an impact driven business with community, family and kindness at our core.

Every time someone joins Ocelot, something great happens in the world via the B1G1 initiative. We also pride ourselves on being a climate positive workforce.

Our partners

We’re partnered up with some of the latest and greatest award-winning tech providers in the world.

Our clients are already tech heads, so providing a tech-savvy way of running the finances is a no brainer. We’ll introduce you to a digital accounting toolkit you can really run with.

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The Ocelot Values

Our values are important to us,
and to our clients too


Honesty & trustworthiness

We don’t judge who you are or what you do. That’s why our clients feel comfortable being completely transparent and open about everything they do. We can advise best when we really know you.

Safe Space

You want complete discretion and a place to share your full self. We want you to feel comfortable talking to your accountant about the details of what you do. We’re in your corner.


We value creativity. We get it and we give it back. We’ve adopted a creative approach to business – you get hold of us any way you want to – videos, whatsapp, voicenote. We’re not email exclusive.

Family & life orientated

Advising on what is best isn’t just about tax and number crunching, it’s about figuring out what you want in your life. We’re excited to hear about your family and your personal goals.

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