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Grow your hobby or side hustle
into a real business


Get clear and specific financial
advice for your creative business

What’s standing in the way of making your creative passion the business you want it to be?

There are accountants for ‘creatives’, but they don’t understand what you do
You’ve been thinking of your business as a hobby and you realise you need to take things more seriously
There’s a lot about taxes you don’t understand, and going to a standard accountant feels intimidating
You’re worried this business won’t last forever, and you want to plan for a dream life ahead

We Help You

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We offer specialist business and tax services for online influencers and creators. Whether you’re set up as a sole trader or limited company, new or experienced, we’ll do all we can to assist you so that you can focus on growing your brand, putting out more content, and monetising additional income streams.

So with Ocelot, you can focus on your followers instead of your finances.

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You’ll fill out our match questionnaire. If we’re the best fit for you, we’ll have a chat to hear about your creative passion, your goals and the things you’re struggling with.

Get to the numbers

We’ll get the financial basics sorted, so you’re all good with VAT and tax deadlines. We’ll get you hooked up with software that will save you time and keep you on track with your money.

Get to the lifestyle

Together we’ll look at the kind of life you want and plan for it financially. We’ll help you make and keep more of your money and invest it back into the life you want to live.

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